RELAIS ITALIA is situated in Cienfuegos, in Avenida 36 n. 3704/A,  (beetween calle 37 and calle 39)  Punta Gorda;   tel. +53 43527581


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Take a look where Cienfuegos is !!!


Cienfuegos is 225 km from Havana and Josè Marti Internationl Airport (3 hours by car)

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From Havana to Cienfuegos follow motorway A1, exit at Aguada (at km 170) then drive 55 kms to Cienfuegos.

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Cienfuegos is situated on a bay. The entrance of the bay is surveilled by the ancient Spanish fortress (Castillo di Jagua). The beach of Cienfuegos is Playa Rancho Luna, at 18 kms.


Relais Italia is beetween the historical city center (Unesco heritage), 15 mins. by foot, and the touristic Punta Gorda (20/30 mins. by foot). The main street of Cienfuegos is “calle 37”, named Prado in the historical city, and Malecon in Punta Gorda (seaside).

by Relais Italia Cienfuegos – Avenida 36, n. 3704/A, beetwen calle 37  and 39